W.F. Bach: Sinfonia in F major (“Dissonant”), F. 67
F. Mendelssohn: String Symphony no. 7 in D minor 
J.S. Bach Organ Trio BWV 529 in C major

Sara Levy (1761-1854) is one of the least heralded and yet most consequential figures in European musical history, providing a crucial link that led Felix Mendelssohn to spearhead the Bach Revival with his 1829 production of the St Matthew Passion. This program features a brilliant, enigmatic Sinfonia in F major by Levy’s teacher Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (the eldest son of J.S.) alongside a precocious, gracefully wrought String Symphony in d minor by her grandnephew, the 12-year-old Mendelssohn.

FREE to attend.

June 1 @ 12:00
12:00 pm — 1:00 pm (1h)

All Souls’ Episcopal Church

Bach Collegium San Diego