Conductor: Sameer Patel, Music Director and Orchestra Conductor

Joseph Maurice            Ravel Ma mère l’Oye

 John Adams              Harmonielehre

Journey through the dimensions of “Time Present and Time Past”, guided by the artistic direction of Sameer Patel. Join us on June 8-9, 2024, at Mandeville Auditorium for an evening of two timeless masterworks. Experience the enchanting world of Ravel’s Ma mère l’Oye (My Mother the Goose, or Mother Goose). Immerse yourself in the childlike storytelling as the melodies weave a tapestry of imagination and nostalgia. Delve into the contemporary brilliance of John Adams’ Harmonielehre, a sonic exploration that juxtaposes the echoes of history with the innovations of today. Adams’s composition captures the essence of evolution, inviting us to reflect on the ever-changing currents of time.

Ticket purchase/ More information:

June 9 @ 14:00
2:00 pm — 3:30 pm (1h 30′)

Mandeville Auditorium, UCSD

La Jolla Symphony & Chorus