Join us for a night of uniquely bonkers British fun, as SDGMC goes BritPop. From Elton John to Queen, David Bowie to Sam Smith, queer British pop music has always had a magnetic effect with its Carnaby Street chic and raw rock power. What about the Beatles, the Kinks, the Stones and Coldplay? And then there are the divas – from Adele, Jessie J. and Dua Lipa to Shirley Bassey and Leona Lewis. Too gay? Never! Presented with all the glitter, energy, and soul that only SDGMC can deliver, this pop extravaganza will have you spilling your tea! 

Content advisory: SDGMC productions often contain theatrical fog, lighting and audio effects. 

April 23 @ 15:00
3:00 pm — 4:30 pm (1h 30′)

Balboa Theatre

San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus