La Jolla Presbyterian Church

Expert Overview

We believe that the arts are a bridge between heaven and earth. We also believe that the arts are a bridge between our community and our church. Very few churches in the world are blessed to have the breadth and depth in arts and worship experiences that La Jolla Presbyterian Church does. Music opens doors, transforming hearts and lives. Visual Art drenches our senses with beauty and meaning.

Throughout its existence, LJPC’s Worship and Arts Ministry has attracted gifted and talented musicians and artists who in turn have created deeper and richer worship experiences. Participants in this ministry play a crucial role in expressing our love for God in ways that mere words sometimes cannot express. Their artistry supports LJPC’s calling to connect God’s Story with the stories of the individuals and communities it serves.

Join us and you’ll experience the fun, fellowship, wonder and amazement of the God we serve. Experience for yourselves what LJPC Worship and Arts has to offer. There is truly something for everyone. Please consider where you can share your talents and gifts while engaging in fun and fellowship!

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