SACRA/PROFANA is San Diego’s premier professional choral group with a mission to bring you, the discerning listener, fantastic choral music from all across time and space. SACRA/PROFANA has accomplished remarkable things in the last 10 years, including numerous world and U.S. premieres, collaborations with leading regional arts organizations such as the San Diego Symphony, Art of Élan, and San Diego Opera, and performances with artists of worldwide renown like The Chieftains, Alan Menken (The Little Mermaid), Stephen Schwartz (Wicked), and Michael Giacchino (Star Trek). SACRA/PROFANA has earned a reputation as a genre-defying ensemble breaking down the barriers between pop, classical, and contemporary music, and seeks to continue to push the envelope of choral singing in its 11th season and beyond.

Usual Number of Choral Ensemble Singers: 11-25 persons
Audition Required: Yes
Rehearsal Time: Evening
Singer's Participation:

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