San Diego Chinese Christian Chorale

Expert Overview

The San Diego Chinese Christian Chorale (SDCC)  was first established in May, 2008. It is consisting of music advocates with Chinese Christian background. The choir’s mission is to outreach the audience with a wonderful message of God’s love and grace.  The establishment of SDCC was based solely on faith.  God has promised to provide when we believe in HIM and His provision has continuously guided the SDCC.  First president is Mr. Paul Yang.  Current president is Dr. Tienteh Chen since 2011.

We are honored to have Ms. Josephine Kwan as our new conductor.  Ms. Kwan graduated from North Texas University with B Mus (Piano) and got her master degree in Music from Hong Kong Baptist University.  She has many years of teaching student and amateur choirs.   

The SDCC currently has 45 chorale members.  The annual concert usually was performed during Christmas season.  Past performances include works from famous church chorus music, such as Handel’s “Messiah”, Handel's " Israel in Egypt ", Haydn’s “Creation”,  Mendelsson’s “Elijah”,  Tyren Hsiao's “Jesus Christ”  and "The Prodigal Son" cantata, and  “The Annointed” cantata by Mr. Ge-Shun Ma.

SDCC welcomes you, and hopes that you would consider joining us, the wonderful ministry of God’s love through music and voice, in the near future.  SDCC will continue to deliver the goodness and peace to all through the wonderful channel of singing.

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